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Nur Student Leadership Program(NSLP)
Summer Internship ~Lead for Pakistan~


The Nur Student Leadership Program is a part of the visionary and goal oriented approach of Nur Foundation and FMS towards integrated community development. The program has evolved from the FMH Student Internship Program which was launched in 1995. The program enrolls secondary, undergraduate and graduate students from across the world. To date, students from more than 50 schools, colleges and universities have completed the internship offered by the program including national and international institutions:


Lahore Grammar School, SICAS, LACAS, Aitchison College, Beaconhouse School System, F.C College (Chartered University), Lahore American School, Punjab University, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Kinnaird College University, College of Home Economics, University of Sindh, American School of International Academics, Convent of Jesus & Marry, The City School, , Punjab College, Learning Alliance, , Hasanabdal, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, AkhtarSaeed Med & Dentistry, Himayat e Islam College, De’Montmorency College of Dentistry, University of South Asia, Agricultural University Faisalabad, GCU Faisalabad, LCWU, Virtual University, AllamaIqbal Medical College, NUST, GC University, Lahore and LUMS, Lahore.


Institute of Education Dublin Sir Wilfrid L.C, Bury College, Manchester, Cadet College, McGill University, Libte Brunel University, Dalhousie University, St.Christopher’s School, Cranbrook College, UK. Over a 1000 students have completed internship successfully under the program.

Program Goal

To build elite-grassroots bridges amongst students from privileged backgrounds and their underprivileged fellow citizens, by providing interns with a first-hand glimpse of the hardships of life, and the trials and tribulations faced by the under-served, and instilling in them the desire to build a healthier, happier Pakistan

Program Objectives

The team at FMS and Nur Foundation sees its work as not a favour upon the deprived masses of Pakistan, but as the individual and collective responsibility of all citizens to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. It is the duty of the privileged to help the under-privileged become empowered and independent. As part of its community awareness policy, FMS-Nur invites interns to take part in activities as well as daily routine work around the hospital and in its Community Outreach Program, so as to encourage more people to give of themselves to help their fellow human beings. Working directly with patients from the worst of economic conditions, the students get a first-hand glimpse of the hardships of life, and the trials and tribulations faced every day by the poor in our society. They leave with a sympathetic understanding of the problems Pakistan faces, and with the resolve to work towards a better, healthier society. Of immense benefit to the students also, the program compels them to face the harsh realities of the majority of their fellow citizens; makes them realize the need to build bridges between the educated and the ignorant; and instills in them the desire to work towards a brighter future for the country.

Specific objectives of the internship program include:

  • To present and discuss issues of poverty, marginalization and social exclusion with the students enrolled in the program.
  • To arrange contact opportunities for the students with patients from underprivileged backgrounds in order for them to get a first- hand account of how the poor suffer and cope with illness.
  • To provide the students a first-hand glimpse of poverty and marginalization at the community level.
  • To provide the students opportunity for critically analyzing and presenting their observations about poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion
  • To provide a forum to the students for discussing solutions to the issue of poverty, marginalization and discrimination in Pakistan.
  • To provide shadowing opportunities at clinical and managerial levels/ departments in Fatima Memorial System.

All-year around Internship Opportunities are available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students, while Summer Internship is arranged for Intermediate /O & A-Level/Equivalent Students. The Summer Internship is advertised in Mid-February and the application forms are made available in the schools and online. Registration Process commences in Mid-March and concludes by Mid-May. The Internship usually begins in the Second Week of June. The Internship runs 9 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday for 2-4 weeks. A Concluding Session/ Dissemination Ceremony is arranged at the end of Internship Session to present certificates to Interns for Internship Completion and to commemorate the efforts of interns with their parents & teachers.


Leadership Sessions:

Our carefully designed Leadership Curriculum focuses on self-advocacy and humanistic leadership qualities. Leadership Sessions are conducted by NSLP Lead Trainers, Consultants and Guest Speakers. The Speakers List is non-exhaustive and full of highly inspirational members of the society. Clinical Rotations and Basic Life Support Training: During the 2-3 weeks internship, interns in groups of 6-8 interns go for clinical rotations, observing health care professionals and areas in different clinical and administrative departments, in a health care setting. They undergo Basic Life Support Training, arranged by Nur Centre for Research and Policy, getting equipped with basic knowledge of handling urgent care emergency situations. Basic life support (BLS) is the level of medical care which is used for patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries until the patient can be given full medical care at a hospital.


Review Writing

NSLP believes that writing is a vital component of a leader’s communication. We encourage our interns to read current affairs and then pen down their views, providing a review of all articles they have read and personal view on the given topic/theme. Review Article topics and themes are chosen carefully according to the Program Objectives and mainly focus on Leadership and Current Affairs.

Patient Case Study

In order to nourish humanistic leadership in our interns, we provide them an interaction opportunity with In-house Patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital, getting a chance to understand their problems and lifestyle. Each Intern is required to submit a Case Study Report on the assigned Patient, focusing on medical and personal information of the patient and then providing a critical analysis of the patient’s life.

Community Case Study

Similar to the Patient Case Study, each intern is required to submit a Case Study Report on the assigned student from Nur Foundation School or Skills Development Institute, focusing on the lifestyle and hardships faced by the student. A Critical Analysis has to be provided in the report, concentrating on realization of the problems of poor and marginalized people.


Resource Mobilization Project Development

Nur Student Leadership Program provides a vital platform to interns for professional skills enhancement. Over the years, we have realized that our interns possess an outstanding philanthropic spirit. In order to mobilize their spirits in the right direction, we provide them an opportunity to build their fundraising and resource mobilization skills. The project is designed to generate funds for a donation area, selected by the Interns.

Green Commitment

From the jagged, snow-covered mountains to the deep waters of the Arabian Sea, nature provides us a diverse topography and innumerate resources. The delicate balance of nature has now been unsettled because of anthropogenic activities. Nur Student Leadership Program aims to show commitment towards Environmental Stewardship and has undertaken an initiative called ‘Green Commitment’.
Interns participate actively in the Green Commitment activities and show their concern towards nature conservation and public awareness about various environmental problems. Our Current themes include Water Conservation, Ornamental Plants Afforestation and Tree Plantation.


Interns are assigned presentation topics/themes to work upon during internship. Group presentations flourish their collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design that is planned carefully by the NSLP team to achieve a particular aim. Our current themes vary from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Successful CEOs to Potential Solutions to Food Rescue Problem in our local neighborhood.

Questionnaires/ Surveys

NSLP aims to become a platform for students where they can express their thoughts and unite towards a positive social change. To understand our target audience better and to assess the level of intellect development of our current youth, questionnaires and surveys are conducted on various themes including Stress Management, Conflict Management, College Preferences, etc.
Personality Assessment is conducted before and after the internship to assess the achievement of program objectives, as a measure of quality control.
Departmental Internships are specific and focus on professional skills needed for working in the given department. Curricular resources are used to ensure effective learning, including presentations, lectures, laboratory work, community work, trainings and project development. Each department provides Internship Curriculum in the beginning of the session to NSLP Office for quality assurance. A Concluding Session is also arranged for the departmental interns at the end of Internship Session to present Certificates for Internship Completion.
Currently Internship Opportunities are available in following Departments:
  1. Nur Community Outreach Program
  2. Nur Centre for Research and Policy
  3. Nutrition Department
  4. Psychiatry Department
  5. Microbiology Department
  6. Biochemistry Department
  7. Planning & Development Department
  8. Human Resource Department
  9. Administration
  10. Dentistry Department


Our Vision

The internship program at FMS is based on the philosophy of preparing today’s youth as a catalyst for changing society for a better future & infusing them with patriotism and become more responsible citizens.

Our Mission

Student Leadership Program will develop holistic leadership skills and civic sense in the youth through comprehensive leadership training, networking and promotion of the diverse experience of learning during the internship period at FMS.

Our Values

To ensure that the interns leave with the sympathetic understanding of the problems that Pakistan faces & to inculcate the moral values so they live for themselves and more for other.

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